What Our Clients Are Saying

“I believe every founder should start their startup with this course. Full stop. You need to get data before you invest, and the approach you guys bring is wicked smart (what my friends say when I tell them what you guys are doing). I've learned a lot about my customers so far. I think your approach is thorough and makes total sense to me for what we want to achieve - know exactly what product/service that will have the highest Product Market Fit.”

Thiv Paramsothy - herafertility.co

“SnapPea's program to validate you (as a business owner) understand your customer's pain points - in a concrete & measurable way - is unique. It's a structured approach to getting this basic building block right! Excellent experience. ”

Jennifer Lowthian - HARDR

“The marketing course offered through SnapPea took me from a very occasional Facebook user to someone able to create, run and analyze likes campaigns and ads. It reinforced the importance of truly talking to and listening to my users, then validating these ideas on a broader scale. The market information I've gathered is important, but even more important is the understanding of the methods used to gather this information so that I can replicate it again and again. With an open mind, some free time and the ability to follow Steve and Rob's directions, anyone can determine if the market really wants their product (or how to talk about your product so the market really wants it). Thank-you so much!”

Melanie Apallat - Mentor Me Health

“Loved the testing approach very much. As an engineer, testing is easier for me than the art of marketing. So I think now I can do testing and get help with graphics, design, style, etc, but use the testing as the basis for successful conversions.”

Jason Stevens - Forages

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Course curriculum

    1. Intro - Meet Steve and Rob

    2. Opinions or Data: You Choose

    3. Legal Fun Stuff


    2. Think your customers aren't on Facebook? Think again!

    3. Run a Likes campaign

    4. Identifying Customer Pain Points with AI.

    5. Creating Colour Blocks

    6. Launching Your First Test

    7. The Test Is Done! Now What?

    8. Creating Headlines

    9. Image Tests

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Okay, But Really, How do I get access to the next course?

    1. What Is a "Good Enough" Site

    2. Wait... What Do I Build My Site On?

    1. BUT... I've already done interviews.

    2. Writing a Discussion Guide

    3. Getting Ideal Customers to Interview

    4. Get the most out of your interviews

    1. BUT... I have a persona already defined

About this course

  • $50.00 / month
  • 21 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Even More Testimonials

“When imagining our future success and daydreaming about getting an award for our achievements, the first people we will thank in our acceptance speech are Steven Fyke and Rob Farnham. They have taught us incredible tools to validate our assumptions, refine our value proposition, and helped us pivot. Their process has been invaluable; we believe it has changed our business for the better and know unequivocally that it has changed us for the better.”

Mikelle Ethier - Encompass Health

“Thank you for your guidance in helping us to think about marketing differently. Researching pain points and how to use this information to sell to customers has turned our marketing upside down (in a good way). Looking forward to applying this information in the next course.”

Becky Shaw - Stormflow Surfacing

“On behalf of 911 incident, we have nothing but positive things to say about the SnapPea studio program. We really enjoyed the perspectives provided from Steven and Rob and feel their unique relationship really enhances the course giving a dual learning experience. ”

Patrick O'Halloran - 911 Incident

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