What Our Clients Are Saying

“Too many accelerator programs are spent on advice, opinion, and planning companies into oblivion. The SnapPea course completely retaught me how to interview, think about pain points, measure them quantitatively, and how to be objective about my company and why we exist. It's helped us right the ship, and stopped ourselves from pivoting out of great ideas that were just written slightly wrong. I'd recommend this course to any founder, and indeed anyone who cares about startups at all. Because if more people approached their hypothesis with the kind of attitude Steve and Rob have, we would have less billion-dollar flops.”

Terry Wang - Cios

“[SnapPea's Course] reinforced the importance of truly talking to and listening to my users, then validating these ideas on a broader scale. The market information I've gathered is important, but even more important is the understanding of the methods used to gather this information so that I can replicate it again and again. Determine if the market really wants your product. Thank-you so much!”

Melanie Alappat - Mentor Me Healthcare

“When imagining our future success and daydreaming about getting an award for our achievements, the first people we will thank in our acceptance speech are Steven Fyke and Rob Farnham. They have taught us incredible tools to validate our assumptions, refine our value proposition, and helped us pivot. Their process has been invaluable; we believe it has changed our business for the better and know unequivocally that it has changed us for the better.”

Mikelle Ethier - Encompass Health

“I believe every founder should start their startup with this course. Full stop. You need to get data before you invest, and the approach you guys bring is wicked smart (what my friends say when I tell them what you guys are doing). I've learned a lot about my customers so far. I think your approach is thorough and makes total sense to me for what we want to achieve - know exactly what product/service that will have the highest Product Market Fit.”

Thiv Paramsothy - herafertility.co

Learn A Better Way

Our team has built this course leveraging the latest and greatest tools combined with years of experience building compelling businesses and validating and verifying everything.

  • Understand the perils of following random opinions and learn how to test quickly and follow data.

  • See the value of marketing and product development working in symphony to build the right solution people really want.

  • Get the insights you need to confidently invest your time and resources into a solution you can prove will work, long before you launch the product.

  • Validate and verify to build the confidence and metrics you need to raise investment.

Choose Your Adventure

Each course has 3 different approaches to completing the material depending on your interest, available time, and willingness to learn.

  • Self Guided

    The Best Way To Learn Is By Trying

    Save cost, but learn every step of the process. You get all of the templates, guides, processes, and instructions to test, validate, and build your business.

  • Expertly Guided

    Leverage Our Experience

    At every check point and content submission, we will review, edit, and provide guidance to ensure you're getting the most out of the process.

  • We Do It For You

    Getting Our Hands Dirty

    We'll go through the process for you and provide details at every step of the way. Perfect for busy professionals interested in exploring a side business, or corporations looking for a low cost way to launch a new product.

Meet The Course Creators

Steven Fyke

Founder / Creative Director

I'm the Founder and Creative Director of SnapPea Design. We Build products and businesses in the Hardware, Software and IoT Space. Our proven method to validate early and often, combined with our approach of leveraging marketing and research to influence engineering has helped hundreds of companies get to market faster, and see more success.

Rob Farnham

SEO / SEM Expert

I've built and sold Search Engine Optimization and Marketing businesses and I can't tell you how much I wish I had this program 20 years ago. We've put our own process to the test and are always refining it based on the changing market needs. If you're just starting out, or an established company, this program will provide you a completely new, data driven, approach to growing your business.

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