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Course curriculum

    1. What You'll Learn Through This Course

    2. What you Should Have Gotten From the First Course

    3. Other Things You Should Be Aware Of That We're Not Covering In Detail

    4. Fun Legal Stuff (Again)

    1. What Is A PRD And Why Is It Important

    2. BUT... Do I Need A PRD?

    3. Getting Started And Capturing Your Goals

    4. Submit The Start Of Your PRD!

    1. Intro to Competitive Research

    2. BUT... I Don't Have Any Competition

    3. How To Use The Competitive Research Template

    4. Finding Keywords & Competitors

    5. Which Channels Are Being Leveraged, and How Much Traffic They Have

    6. Get The Details On Your Competitors Advertising & Spending

    7. Listen To The Pulse of the Market

    8. When Do You Go Back To Course 1?

    9. Submit Your Competitive Research

    1. Building Your Web Tech Stack (Landing page site for testing)

    2. "We're Changing our Website" Rant (Or: How you've learned to stop rebuilding and follow the data)

    3. Terminology: Landing Page vs Homepage

    4. Build A "Good Enough" Home Page

    5. AB Testing - Colour Blocks, now with 100% More Website

    6. Tools to Build a Landing Page

    7. Tracking Their Attention

    8. A Couple Of Extra Tools To Make Sure Things Are Working And Awesome

    9. Get Everything Set Up and Ready To Go

    1. Lets Start Testing Some Pages!

    2. Robs Digital Marketing Expectations

    3. How To Test Variables In Unbounce

    4. EXAMPLE: Testing To Refine Your Product

    5. No Yabuts!

    1. How all The Work You've Done Leads To A Product People Want.

    2. Filling Out The Product Specifications In Your PRD

    3. Getting Into The Details For Software And IoT Companies

    4. Getting Into The Details For Hardware Companies

    5. Submit Your Updated PRD.

About this course

  • $2,000.00
  • 60 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Know You Can Build A Product People Will Pay For

Don't guess that you'll be profitable. Test your offering with real people and understand your costs before you spend hundreds of thousands to build a product no one wants.